Since then, man has been trying to devise a way for people to get a bronze without having to submit to the sun’s harmful rays. Sunless tanning solution has been the latest fad since sun science medical breakthroughs showed it could be the main cause of skin cancer. Therefore, the sunless tanning method developed.

There are different ways in which you can get a sunless tan nowadays and we have discussed some of them. It could be very difficult to pick only one because of the range offered to you so we want to take a deeper look at the different methods.Have a look at tanning salon prices for more info on this.

The study of sunless tanning strategies is provided here.

-The factors

In comparing sunless tanning approaches, there are primarily four key factors that you should remember. Such considerations typically cover the various aspects of each process. These considerations would include: result, expense, safety and convenience. What you wish to make each one depends on your personal preference.

-The choices

You can choose from a variety of options. Sunless tanning lotions, sunless tanning sprays, tanning beds, and tanning pills would be the most common among all of them though. All of these approaches have a separate system which works differently. Even, the results you can get from each will vary.


Generally speaking, approaches involving sunless tanning can give you a faster result than the conventional one, which can take you a few days or even weeks to accomplish safely. The individual outcome for each sunless process, though, could also differ from one another. Because tanning beds are the ones that mimic the sun closely, if you want something that will give you a longer impact, these would be your perfect pick. On the other hand, if you want the impact to last only a few days, like five to seven, then you should go for spray tanning. Alternatively, you could get the same result from tanning lotions.


The best thing about natural tanning is being able to get it free of charge. Just as long as you have sunshine, there’s no need to think about spending a dime to get a tan. Yet with sunless tanning, the case is different. You would need to invest some money in that process for your perfect skin tone. The different methods have different cost levels, too. There are some that just cost you a couple of bucks. Yet there are approaches that would save you a few hundred dollars as well. It really depends on whether you are on a budget or want to splurge!


Many tanning beds or lamps are still controversial on health. This is because UV rays are still released which can cause skin cancer. Tanning pills are also controversial because they are administered internally, and side effects may not yet have been identified.


The tanning tablets would be best. Next in line would be oil, lotions and sprays tanning sunlesss. Because not all individuals own tanning beds, you still need to go to a tanning salon to use one.